The Black Reavers

Prelude to Slaughter

  • Four lieutenants to the legendary Renegade Astartes pirate captain, Girhen Blackreaver and his ‘Black Reavers’ war band, are drop podded to the imperial world Rolandus. These forward operatives include: Azazael, the renegade rogue trader; Vesmeir, heresy veteran Space Wolf Scout who turned to chaos after the disappearance of Russ; Alpharius Long-gunner, former Alpha Legionnaire who struck out on his own for personal glory and wealth (or did he…); and Cythrant, astartes Sorcerer hailing originally from the Red Corsairs, but now part of the Black Reavers.
  • The advance team’s job is to fight to the main shield generator of the region, disable it, and allow the rest of the war band to join the raid.
  • As they exit the drop pod, they heretics are immediately under fire from a platoon of the Local PDF forces. The PCs make quick work of the lasgun wielding levies.
  • As the team scouts ahead they come across a guard post, hunkering down for the chaotic assault. Being the Wolf scout he is, Vesmeir charges in with his shotgun blazing. Alpharius gleefully joins in, blasting away at the Guardsmen Squads with his heavy bolter, leaving the others no choice but to join in on their more… enthused comrades. Half an hour and several bloody corpses later the heretics have destroyed the horribly out-performed guardsmen protecting the bunker. Azazael, successfully attempts to hack a data-port in the bunker, learning the location and basic layout of the shield compound. He also learns another important piece of information, and interdiction force from the Mentors Chapter of space marines has just entered orbit of Rolandus and has deployed drop-strikes. With that, the heretics take some respite in the bunker for the night.
  • The next morning, the heretics make a b-line to the shield-generator complex. Nearly half way there, they detect an ambush from a decimated Mentors tactical squadron. Turning the tables on the loyalist scum, the cultist attack the three Space marines awaiting them. Azazael proves the worth of mortal traitors by slaying a marine almost single-handedly. The ruinous gods ignore the sorcerer, Cythrant with all his attempts to cast his spells, but learns the value of a force weapon by literally burning the soul out of a space marine. The last space marine falls to Vesmeir’s chainsword and Alpharius’ heavy bolt-fire. The traitors have no time to celebrate this victory, as they realize as they see the the fiery trails of drop pod descending off, in the short distance. With that knowledge, the heretics redouble their haste to the objective.
  • When the renegades finally reach the shield generator, they are greeted by a massive gruard platoon. Initial attacks do little to faze the defenders, as their numbers are just too much! However, Vesmeir and Alpharius rise to the occasion, Vesmeirs grenade attacks shredding less armoured soldiers, while Long-gunner’s heavy flamer literally melts the flesh of the more armoured masses. They then storm the main generator building and kill the defending guardsmen and astartes, then demolish the shields by overloading the generators. The space marines begin a final attack to try to kill the heretics, but the beleaguered renegades are saved by the drop forces lead by Black Reaver general and champion of Slaanesh, Niccolo of the blood. With that the enemies in the complex are killed, and the heretics begin to make a name for themselves amongst the motley ranks of the chaotic Black Reavers.



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